Changing of Flight Modes Happens Automatically - Not Desired?

I am new to Qgroundcontrol. I am trying to do some tuning and want to start in stabilized mode. I take off in “Stabilized” flight mode. Instantly, my flight mode changes to “Takeoff” Mode and then it then automatically goes into “Position” mode. So I cant really do my tuning in Stabilized flight mode. Why is this happening?

The new drone is very unstable at takeoff and want to do tuning procedures in stabilized mode to start with - but the computer auto switches the flight mode.

Here is some basics:

using a Skydroid H16 Controller - Airframe: Generic Quadcopter
Quadrotor x (4001)
Hardware: PX4_FMU_V5 (V550)
Software Version: v1.13.3 (1c8ab2a0)
OS Version: NuttX, v11

Have you checked the RC mode settings in QGC where you can set up modes? Maybe that’s overriding the mode you want to be in?

I have double check there are no duplicate channels in use. I still haven;t solved this.

I am trying to get my drone into stabilized flight mode to do tuning of the PIDs.

When I take off in “Postional” mode the system automatically goes into “Takeoff Mode” then switches to “Positional” mode. Something is causing the modes to auto change. Is this normal?

How do you take off? Because in stabilized I would just arm with the sticks (or an arm switch) and then move throttle up to take off.


Thank you for explaining this. I have been using the “Takeoff” button on the small left hand menu on my radio controller’s androids flight interface and then sliding to confirm. This causes the change of the flight mode. This is slightly confusing with the interface for a new user. As I though arming and Takeoff were the same.

When I arm with a switch and not use the takeoff button everything works as expected and does not change the flight mode at takeoff.

Thanks for the note. Yes, I agree, that UI is odd.