Video & telemetry streaming through odroid

Video streaming and telemetry are referenced separately in the dev guide. Is there any way to combine the two to happen on the same connection? Namely, can I transmit the video through the odriod as referenced in the dev guide, while also transmitting telemetry through this same connection by somehow connecting the PixHawk mini to the odroid?

The end goal here is to have a video stream in QGroundControl while also log streaming, while also allowing wireless transmission of flight setups and commands through QGroundControl.

Wifibroadcast allows to transmit serveral UDP streams through one physical link. But this link is unidirectional and you unable to send commands from ground station to UAV. See and for details

If you using ordinary wifi then you have bi-directional link and can use video and mavlink through UDP without restrictions. Use for routing mavlink from pixhawk to UDP