Stream video from mission computer over mavlink

Hi there,
In my setup, I have a mission computer (RPi4) connected to pixhawk 6x. I am using a depth camera, which is connected to RPi4. I would need to see the stream from my camera for debugging purposes. Usually, the camera is directly connected to pixhawk, so it can be streamed to QGS.
But in my case, I would need to somehow tunnel stream from RPi4 to pixhawk and then it could be transferred over mavlink.
Are there some guidelines or existing projects whit this setup? Or can somebody explain to me how to do this redirection?

For communication between PX and RPi, I am using microros. So ideal solution for me would be to publish a video stream on the ROS topic, and on the PX side redirect it to QGS.

What link are you using? If you are using just a telemetry radio (like the SiK based radio) then there isn’t enough bandwidth to transmit images (or a video stream). You need to find some sort of higher bandwidth radio, or just use WiFi while debugging it at short distance.

Yes, I have just telemetry radio.
Then, is it possible to set up QGC to connect to the drone over telemetry radion while receiving video over Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can have telemetry as well as WiFi. In this case it’s best to use different frequencies for the various signals. E.g. WiFi on 2.4 GHz, and telemetry on 433 or 900 MHz (depending what’s allowed in your country). Keep in mind that RC might also be on 2.4 GHz and you could get interference there.