Telemetry and Mavros

Hi guys !

I want to send the optitrack position data to pixhawk, I am using vrpn to send the motive data to Ros, then reading in the forum, I have to send the data obtained from the vrpn to the mocap_pose_estimate node.

I do not have Odroid or Raspberry to send the position data to pixhawk, I want to use a telemetry (FPV Radio Telemetry ground module) connected to my Ubuntu PC and send the position data to the telemetry Iris (TELEM 1).

My question is:

How can I connect to mavros using the telemetry connected to the pc and send the position data to the pixhawk without connecting the pixhawk to the PC by micro USB?


How to connect to the pixhawk using the telemetry?

Hi, I have a similar problem, I got an FPV Radio Telemetry Ground Module and I want it to communicate with the telemetry that owns the Iris drone.

When I connect the telemetry (Ground) to my ubuntu pc and turn on the drone does not start the Qground station.

Why is this problem?

Do I have to install any drivers?