Transmitting camera streams from companion computer to pixhawk


I’m new to pixhawk, so bear with me if this is a bit of a stupid question. Basically, i have a camera connected to a single board processor (still havent decided between jetson and raspberry pi) this camera then runs through python code which does a bit of image processing using opencv.

I want to be able to stream that data from the companion computer to the pixhawk, but im still not sure how to do this. Is there any guide or such i can follow?

I’ve been doing some research, but the only thing i can find is connecting a raspberry pi to the telemetry port - would the telemetry port be able to handle a video stream? additionally, i also have a herelink controller that i want to use to display the video, i would like to use this herelink controller to communicate back with the companion computer (only small packets such as numbers).

is this possible? is there any information or guides i can find on this?