Vertical takeoff

My hexacopter is tilting to left and then flies everywhere , i have checked the cg . I still dont get the issue. Kindly help thanks in advance.

Check the vibration levels please.

Can you tell me how to?

Download the log stored in the Pixhawk SD card, and upload it to here. Then you can share the link directly.

can you tell me how to invert my model by editing the sdf file.As my octacopter is loading upside down in gazebo.

Also I have uploaded the log file.

I noticed this is hexarotor SITL. Is the vehicle physics model in the simulator a hexarotor as well, or is it only using four of the motor outputs? (Or alternatively is it an octocopter as you mentioned and two of the motors are doing nothing?) You have a lot of uncommanded yaw that this could explain.

You can edit the SDF file in a text editor to change or add the pose tag. It’s in radians, so you could do something like this to roll 180 degrees:

<pose> 0 0 0 3.14 0 0 </pose>

Thank you for the help it was an issue with conversion to urdf from solidworks.
I have another doubt

You can see the floating propellers even though I have selected the entire thing in solidworks while converting to urdf. Pls help.