Using s.bus to connect servos

I am using the Holybro Pixhawk 4 (FMUv5) and the px4 autopilot to set up a coaxial helicopter UAV. I would like to make use of the s.bus out port as I will be using Futaba servos and would like to keep my wiring as neat as possible.
I have already read in the doc-files that the s.bus out port can theoretically be used for servos but I have not found a single project, where somebody actually made use of this concept. Does anybody have any experience connecting the servos to the Pixhawk via s.bus and could share his/her experience? How did you implement the s.bus communication in the px4 autopilot - I have only found one parameter in the parameter reference?

I am still in my undergrad program so please bear with me. I would be happy and thankful for any kind of advice on the topic!


I’m exactly in the same situation. I’m now using the Holybro Pixhawk 5x (FMUv5x), px4 autopilot and Futaba S-Bus servo to control the helicopter type UAV.
However, I can not find any experiences as you said above.
Do you have already get any information or experiences connecting s.bus servos to Pixhawk?
It would be appreciated if you share any information which you have.

Thank you!