Using ROS with Pixhawk Mini

Hello, I have been using MAVROS to control my multi-rotors with offboard control.

As shown in the manual page, I made a FTDI cable to boost the communication speed.

Recently, I changed my platform from Pixhawk to Pixhawk Mini.

Now, I cannot find how to wire cables to use ROS with Pixhawk Mini because it provides only ‘TELEM’ port.

Is it OK to connect this port as I used ‘TELEM2’ port on Pixhawk? Or, does Pixhawk Mini provide fast communication speed just with the USB cable?

Thanks for your time.

Have you made any progress on this? I am in the exact same situation now.

Same problem, could I use the TELEM PORT ???
3DR have not answer…((

Any update? Encountering the same issue here.

I just connect my onboard computer and PixhawkMini with USB cable, Mini has one port of which.
It had enough communication speed to control my UAV.

If the speed (rostopic rate) is not enough, you can increase the rate by modifying publish rate in

Note that to fly with USB port-connected, you must change one parameter.

I don’t remember now, but it starts ‘CBRK_***’

Thanks! I ended up connecting to the TELEM port. Communication seems to be working although I haven’t yet implemented everything I want to just yet.

You haven’t encountered any problems actually flying with the USB port connection? I have seen warnings against this in a few places…not exactly sure why, but I’ve heard the USB connection can be less reliable (maybe more susceptible to vibrations?).

It sounds great that you succeed. Actually, I haven’t met any problem using USB port for communication.
As you said, USB connection can be less durable due to vibration, but I haven’t met any problems.
Anyway, can you tell me how you connected TELEM port briefly? What cable do you use for wiring? One end is for Mini and the other end is USB port for PC. As I remember, 3DR does not supply that cable. I will appreciate if you can tell me where you got the cable. Thank you.

I use an FTDI cable that I think I ordered from that link. USB goes into the Pixhawk Mini and the other end (after some rewiring) goes into the TELEM port (note you can see the pin outs for the TELEM port here. If you need any clarification on anything please let me know, happy to help.

Do you have any experience sending MAVLink messages with custom C/C++ code, or have you been using MAVROS?

In a related question, I am trying to connect a 915 MHz telemetry transmitter to the TELEM channel. But the cable that came with the telemetry Tx does NOT fit into the small tan connector. What cable is needed for this?