Using precision land mode with landing target pose and ROS2 RTPS

Hi! I’m using ROS2 Foxy and RTPS to send command to the PX4. I’m trying to implement precision landing using the built in mode. I have estimated positions from ArUco markers and send them over the LandingTargetPose RTPS topic with position set to valid.

What’s the procedure for using the precision land mode with your own position estimations? Any tips or references to a guide would be very useful since this isn’t documented well on the PX4 website or at least I couldn’t find documentation.


Have you found any resources to work on this??

I continued the conversation on the GitHub here and was able to get it working.

Do you have any repository related to the project?

I ended up not using it since it didn’t work the way I exactly wanted, so I don’t currently have a repository with an example.