Px4 precision landing


I am trying to implement precision landing using april tags. I am getting pose from companion computer and publishing on /mavros/landing_target/pose with 25hz, I was able to get the landing_target_pose in mavlink console and see the values correctly.

I am using GPS and tried experiments on gps lock with 18-20 satellites connected, whenever I enable precision land mode the drone waits for the landing target messages, after detection the drone starts drifting away whatever the values even exactly above the marker with only z given the drone is drifting away and landing some other point…

Did anyone faced this issue or any suggestions, please kindly let me know

Hi @prem_chittireddy ,
Were you able to solve this issue ? I am facing the same issue. I am publishing the pose of the detected apriltag with respect to the camera frame to mavros/landing_target/pose , but the drone drifts away when the tag is detected during landing.