A couple of questions about Precision Landing

Hi everyone!

Our team implemented drone control both indoors and outdoors using our own tracking system and mavsdk::Offboard commands. We have published the first results here.

We have made our own landing method.

Indoors, we achieved a positioning accuracy of 4 mm, and outdoors we are still working on wind resistance.

User @ryanjAA had a question whether or not our landing method is similar to Precision Land Mode, so we decided to do a comparative test of the two methods.
Since we do not have IR-Lock at hand, we implemented the transmission of the LANDING_TARGET message and set autopilot settings.

But something went wrong and we did not see the execution of the Precision landing algorithm.

We continue to work in this direction, but there are questions we are pondering:

  • What determines the accuracy of this algorithm? It says here that precision is roughly 10 cm, which is too big of an error for us.
  • Is it possible to achieve an accuracy of at least 1 cm with this algorithm?
  • What happens to the precision landing algorithm if forces such as the wind are pushing the drone sideways and it cannot accurately reach the target point?

What do you think? We’d appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.