Precision landing with downward camera

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to performe a precision landing using a downlooking camera. From the documentation i have seen that the only supported way of performing a precision landing is with IRlock sensor but in our application this kind of sensor will not be used.

At the moment the camera is connected to the companion computer running ROS2. The companion computer acquires the image, finds the landing target and compute the relative pose then using the micrortps the pose is published on the msg “LandingTargetPose” under the topic “/fmu/landing_target_pose/in”. This seems working perfectly since the target is well recognized and the msgs are received by the flight controller. ( checked by “listener landing_target_pose”).

Problems arise when the drone starts the precision landing procedure: it climbs to the search altitude but after a few second falls back in the standard landing. What im i doing wrong? Does the software require the IRlock as must?

Thanks in advance.