Upprading to PX4 FW 1.8.0 fails, not all paramaters are loaded!


I uppgraded PX Cube (2.1) to PX4 FW 1.8.0 using QGC (v3.3.2) and after installation I noticed that some of the parameters are missing. like all Multicopter Attitude Control (MC_) parameters. I looked source files and in paramaters.xml file they are present.

  1. Where the QGC takes paramaters in FW uppgrade?
  2. Because QGC can not take XML file in, like paramaters.xml, is there a tool to convert that to QGC format? So I could download the right parameter file version?
  3. If I look from QGC Mavlink console, using “param show” command I can see all parameters, but if I look from GQC Parameters, can not find/see those parameters?

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First thing is to switch to a Daily Build to get latest bug fixes. Second: Did you search the parameter list for MC_ to verify they were not there.

Ok will try daily build.
Yes, checked that, many times

Ok, today we upgraded QGC to daily (latest) build and now it works! Parameters are there. Thanks DonLakeFlyer!

Funny that no-one else reported about this?

Dumb question, what is a “Daily Build” and how do I switch to it?

A daily build is the absolute latest version of QGC including all the newest fixes/changes. It may not have been tested quite as much as a Stable build. But in general may only be slightly lower quality than a Stable. Install from here: https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/en/releases/daily_builds.html

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