Upload trouble into the intel Drone : "Waiting for the bootloader ..."


I’m currently working with the intel drone below :

I would like to transfert some code from Matlab-Simulink by using the PSP solution below :

To do so I configure some parameters in the “Configuration Parameters” of my Simulink simulation (Figure 1). The main one are in red rectangular below. Then I click apply.

Figure 1

In the next step I click on the build Icon inside the red square Figure 2. The building process seems to be perfomed properly as a succesfull message appears and some folder are created by the program at the root path.

Figure 2

Then I try to upload the program as you can see Figure 3.

Figure 3

Then the message Figure 4 appears and the program seems to be block here.

Figure 4

It looks like we have a connection problem or something is not launch correctly but we didn’t really identify the cause of the problem and how to solve it…

Do you have any suggestion ?

Thank you,