Pixhawk PX4 Support from Embedded Coder (Matlab/Simulink)

Does anyone know anything about this? I’ve been intending to use PX4 for my research project. However, the MathWorks page suggests that they don’t have anything ready for the 2017a&b versions of Matlab.

I was wondering if anyone from this community would know about when the support packages might become available.

For those who are concerned and care about it:

The version I was looking for (compatible with Matlab 2017a&b) has been released. The new release also supports 2018a. Please visit the following site for more info:

Currently I’m using it. I can build a simulink code from example (px4demo_ADC_example.slx) successfully. Unfortunately, I can’t Upload code to PX4FMU. The following message appear in cmd prompt:
(Traceback (most recent call last):
File “c:\px4\Firmware\Tools\px_uploader.py”, line 59, in
import serial
ImportError: No module named serial

Does any one can help to solve this issue, please?

I have not tried to do anything like that yet. I was waiting for the new version of the software to be released so that it’s compatible with my version of Matlab (2017a).

As a result, I’m not familiar with it. Sorry that I can’t help you with that. Please feel free to share whatever resources (pdf, tutorial,etc) you may have here.

You would need to install pyserial module along with python for the upload command to work. The following command did the trick for me:

pip install pyserial==2.7

Ensure you have the pip module installed.

Hi, Guys! I’ve compiled a code from examples and deployed it in PixHawk board, but I did it under Ubuntu. When I try to do this under Win 10 bash, I’ve got a next problem:
C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command
Yes, I’ve seen that this problem is described in “Pixhawk Pilot Support Package User Guide Vers 3.04” and an advice is “…to use Sysnative rathern than System32 which can be specified in the Windows 10 bash text field”, but what does it mean unfortunately I don’t understand.
Please help me with this:)

Hello @AlexiLlaiho. Did you fly the copter with modified firmware?