uORB Explained: Part 1 - PX4 Explained Blog Post Series

Community, our fantastic intern @junwoo0914, just published another excellent tutorial blog covering the basics of uORB. Please check it out!


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Future Topic Suggestions

Which concept in PX4 do you not understand so well, and would like to learn in detail?

  • How to do advanced Log Visualization with Plot Juggler
  • How Simulations in PX4 (Gazebo, jMAVSim) works
  • PX4 Startup sequence (what happens when PX4 Reboots)
  • MAVLink Networking (Connections between QGC, PX4, MAVSDK)
  • PID Tuning
  • Control Allocation (Feature added during 2021)

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Thank you for the great blog on uORB. I ran into a issue with more than 256 topics. Is my solution here a good solution? More than 256 uORB topics