[BLOG] Deep-dive into PX4's Airframes : how it gets used by QGC & PX4 internally & XML parsing process!

As a second episode of the ‘PX4-DeepDive series’ I’m writing in my spare time, I wrote about PX4’s Airframes.

It all started from a simple question : "What are all those ‘@group’, ‘@name’, ‘@maintainer’ comments inside the files of ‘ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d/airframes’ folder?

In this post, I explain the following :

  1. How PX4 parses the airframe scripts to create a XML file, and how QGC parses them to display it on one of it’s pages
  2. How Airframe scripts are executed during the start-up of a PX4 Software. And how SYS_AUTOSTART parameter takes an effect.

Would love to get feedbacks, comments :wink:. Hope my post helps!


WOW junwoo thanks for that I will be sure to study your blog! Just started wondering about airframe data.
This is much needed information.

BTW The @ sign is a standard way of denoting formal attributes. Some bit of code parses them and puts them where the code can seem them.

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Excellent explanation, nice to learn how to compile a new type, thanks :slight_smile: