[BLOG] Deep-dive analysis on PX4's Circuit Breaker Logic

I hope someone will find this helpful!

Aiming for 2 ~ 3 deep-dives per week, but let’s see how it goes :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice one @junwoo0914

Would it be OK if I took some of this material into the PX4 user guide? Obviously we have some information about circuit breakers in various places; however this makes me thing it would be good to have a centralised place that explains what they are.

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Absolutely :grin:! sharing knowledge with the community is the biggest motivator for me writing these blogs, and having it included in the user guide would be awesome!

If you could follow up with a link to the corresponding PR on the doc, I’ll learn from that and try writing the docs by myself in the future as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the edit on the title, much better :slight_smile: @rroche

No problem thank you for sharing, really cool write-up

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