Unstable hover - large craft

Hi All,

I’m currently in the process of moving one of my large craft (30in props) over from arducopter onto PX4.

(Pixhawk Cube, TMotor Alpha 60a ESCs, 12S battery, 30in Props)

June 8th

I have spent a couple of days tuning the craft’s PIDs from the stable ones I had in Arducopter as a starting point but still notice oscillations during hover and regular flying.

I am new to PX4 it’s IMU filtering options and am wondering if this could be a vibration issue as well as an issue with the PIDs that I am currently using?

I have been changing the following along with PIDs:


This craft flew stable in arducopter when the proper vibration filtering was set so I am almost positive there is not an issue with the craft itself.

If someone could take a look at a log and help point me in the correct direction that would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Devin, What settings do you use for esc communication? pwm or dshot?