Unknown RC Command

Hi there,
Could someone please answer me from where the stabilized mode command came and the kill switch. I did not switch it to that mode with my RC.


It looks like you lost RC and the RC values went to a weird value before they were lost completely. What RC are you using? And have you checked RC failsafe before flying?

See: https://docs.px4.io/master/en/config/radio.html#rc_loss_detection

Radiolink T8FB and R8EF. RC loss failsafe is Return so it explains the RTL. I forgot the disable it before Mission but still I did not get the weird RC value.

Have you tried switching your RC off to check what happens (without actually flying)?

Yes it directly enters Return.

Dear @JulianOes and @HVK

I think, I and a few more people have experienced this situation and I think it is necessary to check.Thanks

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