Understand why motor 3 not detected in output

Hello everyone,
I’m running a flight test on a new build based on the pixhawk 4 mini. It’s the holybro qav 250 quadcopter.

I’m trying to understand why the drone don’t take off correctly. On the picture it appears it 's the motor 4 that don’t spin fast enough but on the logs plot the motor 3 has pretty much no output (but spins in reality).

2024-05-20 19_23_32-Lecteur multimédia

Full logs:

The drone is positionned in the same orientation as in this schema (and motors/props spins in the very same direction)

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My guess is that px4 don’t detect that motor 3 spins correctly and increase the power, leading the drone to basculate.

On QGroundControl, all motors are correctly identified and answers equal powers (visually at least)

it was just a motor orientation issue, fixed