Unable to Save Parameters

Hello, I am trying to set up my quadcopter for offboard flight modes, however, I can’t seem to change the PWM_MIN value so that the quad does not take off upon arming. Every time I change the parameter it tells me to reboot the vehicle to save the parameters but it just reverts to the old value? How do I fix this?

Same thing is happening with the LPE_GPS_ENABLED parameter in 1.4.1.

@JTredup Are you trying to set PWM_MIN to 1000?

@agribov @jgoppert A grep on current master shows no references to LPE_GPS_ON except for the parameter definition. Hard to imagine why it would be changing, unless QGC is doing it.

@Mark_Whitehorn Yes I am. I first tried so in QGC via telemetry radio and it told me I needed to reboot my vehicle for it to take effect. When I rebooted it the parameter was reset to 1075. I tried it via direct connection so I could cycle it using the USB cable but once again the parameter did not stick. I also repeated those steps in Mission Planner to see if it would work.

To my understanding, I would have to use the PX4 Console Command to change it but I don’t have the hardware it claims it needs for a connection. My next guess is to dive through the PX4 firmware files and see if I can change and recompile it.

Try setting it to 999 or 1001. I’ve submitted https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/5378 to remove this feature, but we’ll have to wait and see whether that is acceptable.

@Mark_Whitehorn thank you, I will give it a go when I go back to my workshop in a few hours.

The fix has been merged to master