Can't change parameters

I have a strange problem. When I try to change a parameter using QGC, it refuses to change and goes back to the original value. I’m using PX4 1.13.3, and QGC 4.2.6

I’ve been using PX4 and QGC for 5 years and never saw this behavior before.

Can anyone offer some advice?


Could you provide more information on which parameter you are trying to change & perhaps a screenshot / screen recording of the behavior?

All parameters …. Can’t change any of them. A screen shot won’t show anything, and the action is too quick for a video. The new param flashes where the value is located and immediately goes back to the original value. Right now it is happening on only one drone, so it may be related to the firmware on this particular drone.

Whoops. My last post is wrong. I found out that I can change most params. However, one that I can’t change is MC_LAND_SPEED. Its current setting is 1.5 m/s. When I try to set it at the default value of 0.7 m/s it goes right back to 1.5 m/s. There were others when I first discovered this issue, and I will post them in here as I find them.

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I guess you mean MPC_LAND_SPEED?

Let us know if you have updates!

Yes that is the param. It won’t let me change it.