Unable to Locate Airframe 15001 Esky (Big) Lama v4

Hello All,

I’m trying to get my custom coaxial helicopter to fly but is unable to find the necessary airframe file 15001 for reference. Its also nolonger in the Airframe Reference page on the website or in the ROMFS directory. Does anyone know where I can get some information in it?


Edit: It looks like the older PX4-sutopilot-release-1.12.3 has airframe 15001 so I guess I’ll stick with that version. I think it might have something to do with changes to Airframe definition with the upcoming 1.14 but I though 1.13 was supposed to default to traditional method. Currently not what that is all about so not sure.

I assume no one maintained and tested the coax setup and so it was removed. You would have to read about the new dynamic mixing and control allocation and check if you can implement it that way.

Maybe @MaEtUgR knows how this could be done.

Thanks for the input! I wanted to ask for some advise as well. I’m new to drones and trying to buiild a custom frame similiar to airframe 15001 with CubeBlack 2.1, custom motors and VESC motor drivers over UAVCAN. Should I go with older v1.13 or stick main? Also, I need to spend more time with existing documentation but current UAVCAN commands monitored using Babel are not where I expected them to be with no roll/pitch/yaw inputs from the RF controller when just testing interface while still on the ground. I would like to monitor the various parameters in the flight controller. Is MavLink the best way to achieve this? Is there a manual that I can refer to. It seems like almost every command that I enter to the “nsh>” prompt is being rejected. Standard commands execute fine but “built-in” Apps dont work.


Please stick to the thread topic or create a new thread for different topics. Otherwise this is way too confusing for me.

Thanks! I’ll create new topics in the future. And the problem with unknow MAVLink nsh commands were solved simply by rebootting the fligth controller.

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