UAVCAN pool allocator

hello I am trying to implement a communication protocol between 3 pixhawks using UAVCAN I defined 36 new message where every pixhawk is supposed to send 12 messages each message has a frequency of 100Hz when I connect two pixhawks and start the uavcan the messages are sent but there are HW and IO errors in can1 status also some transfer errors in uavcan when I decrease the frequency the messages are sent with no errors
.so I wanted to ask If there is a way to increase the pool allocator size in the uavcan to be able to send my messages correctly with the intended frequency

Did you look at the uavcan pool allocator here?

yes I increased both the soft and hard I thought it might solve it but it didn’t

Do you have a Babel ( I’d check what’s actually happening on the bus. I’d also do some basic math to check roughly how much data you’re actually dealing with (including UAVCAN overhead).

unfortunately I do not have it I was going to ask for it next week if I can not fix the problem