UAVCan Receive Rate Problem

Hi Folks,

We’ve implemented some custom UAVCan messages, but have an issue whereby it appears the messages are only received (or at least processed) at 1Hz, whereas the data is coming on on the bus at 10Hz (verified by 3rd party CANBus dongle).

I’ve modelled our receive sensor bridge on the UavcanBarometerBridge.

I’d appreciate any pointers as to where the problem may lie.


Are you using a uOrb timer in your sensor bridge? What is the update rate of this timer?

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the reply.

I think we’ve traced the problem back to the Transfer ID. Our remote nodes use a static Transfer ID and the UAVCan receiver seems to be rejecting the repeated messages.

As this seems to be a problem with our UAVCan implementation rather than Px4, I’ll continue the conversation over on the UAVCan forum.