UAVCAN sensors frequency

Hello. We have developed a line of sensors on the uavcan bus. however, the bus does not have a high throughput.
can you tell me what minimum data transfer frequencies are suitable for different sensors so that the UAV can work correctly?

Interested in the following devices:

  1. Battery
  2. Airspeed (current 20hz)
  3. Gps (now 15hz)
  4. Baro
  5. Compass (current 15hz)
  6. Distance sensor (lidar)

@PavelKirienko , I think you can help me with this

I don’t think you can pick a sensible default because the optimal settings depend on the requiements and limitations of the specific system at hand. So the correct solution is to make the publishing rates configurable.

The values you listed might work as defaults except that the current update rate for compass will likely be triggering false compass health monitoring warnings; consider increasing it to 50 Hz at least.

Good day, me also im working on uavcan sensors, are you using nodes or are you designing a specific hardware

We have developed our own nodes and sensors (similar to zubax).

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We are still working on a product for internal use and developing small batches. I think we can sell a few at cost
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Please drop a mail at

We also made an electronic power switch 12S to 1000A with built-in BEC and voltage and current measurements, weighing only 100g.
Now we plan to add feedback via UAVCAN.