CAN Bus Payload


I am interested in communicating with a payload over CAN bus. The protocol used by the payload is not UAVCAN, but I’m hoping to be able to interact with it nonetheless. I am using Pixhawk 1 at the moment.

The first step it to have the Pixhawk retrieve and log the CAN messages that are sent by the payload.

The next step will be to have the Pixhawk respond to these messages. An example would be changing the flight mode to RTL if there is a fault with the payload.

And the final step would be to send commands to the payload. The Pixhawk would need to convert the PWM signal on a radio channel into a CAN message and send this to the payload over the CAN bus.

Can anyone provide guidance with this venture? I am in the process of familiarizing myself with the PX4 codebase but I am not proficient in C/C++, so it’s been slow to say the least. I’m currently learning about apps and uORB messaging as I think this may be useful for this project.

Thank you.

This is a payload that already exists with CAN, but no UAVCAN support? Does it have a serial port?

Hello I think I have the exact same problem so if you have any leads on how you solved it will be a great help if you tell me ?

Thanks in advance