Development of ARINC 825 protocol on Pixhawk

Hello I am supposed to build a triplex redundant model using 3 Pixhawks communicating with each other over the CAN BUS they are supposed to use the ARINC 825 protocol for a first task I must receive a message over the CAN BUS which make the led on the Pixhawk Blink so any suggestions where can I start ?

Thanks in advance.

What flight stack is the target: ArduPilot or PX4?
Makes a huge difference to how this would need to be approached.

I am targeting the PX4… But why would it matter ?

Different way that canbus is implemented.
ArduPilot has a can layer, with hooks to implement whatever protocol you want underneath: their implementation was designed to support multiple protocols (and does).
With PX4 it’s just uavcan. You’ll have to either replace uavcan with arinc 825, or design a way to enable px4 to support more than one can protocol, which would be quite a bit more work. If you need arinc 825, replacing uavcan would be easier.

Ok if i need to replace the UAVCAN on the PX4 With the ARINC825 is there is a good way to say maybe a way to replace the code used for decoding the serial message and replace it with my own code

Thanks in advance

All the dsdl source is auto generated based on the definition files.
You can look at how it’s implemented here:

ok I will take a look at it thank you :smile: