UART connection

Hello all!

I want to connect the “Pixawk Cube” with a “Raspberry Pi” by “UART”.

The main purpose is to use the RTPS/ROS2 interface after the connection being established.

Which psychical ports can I use for the UART protocol? There is no explicit “UART port” like SPI or I2C in the picture below. Telemetry 2, GPS 2? Which cable should I use to connect the two devices and which pins from the port should I choose since UART just needs 3 pins?

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You can use TELEM2, see
The pinout you also find in the docs, it depends on which board you are using. Though Telem2 is standardized, you find it here for Pixhawk 4.

Thankful by your answer!
The pinout from Pixawk 4 was really helpful. The suggestion to use TELEM2 with the corresponding port configurations too. However I’m afraid that specific configuration is just for mavlink protocol communications. Since I want to use Real Time Publisher and Subscriber (RTPS), the port configuration should be different. Exploring your link, I found this :

Hope to be in the right way now! If you or someone already though to use RTPS as communication protocol and could confirm this, I would appreciate.

Ah, then you probably want to read this:

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