Enable additional UART ports on Pixracer Pro

Hello, I am using PX4 (version 1.13.3) which has added support for the mRo Pixracer Pro. I need to use 4 UART ports for Telem1, Telem2, TFMini Lidar and one to connect to the Raspberry Pi for offboard control. Although the pixracer pro has up to 6 UART ports, QGC (version 4.2.6) only lists Telem1, Telem2 and GPS1 ports. It does not list UART 5 and 6 available on the Pixracer pro. Is there any way to enable these additional ports?

Good day, you can use the UART 1/7…if you want use many periphs i suggest also power it using an external power source like an ubec

Hi @Dave84,

Thank you for the reply. I know I can use the additional UARTs, but how do I assign them to different functions on QGC? With the current PX4 firmware for the Pixracer Pro, only three UARTs are visible on QGC (Telem 1, Telemetry 2 and GPS). However, QGC shows more UART ports when I use a Pixhawk 5. Thus, I believe the PX4 firmware is only making 3 UART ports visible on the pixracer pro although it has additional ports.

Finally, I am using separate power source to power all the peripherals.

Looking forward for a suitable solution.


In continuation to my earlier post, this is what I meant when I stated that I am unable to access the additional UART ports. The image below is a screenshot of QGC connected to a Pixhawk 4:

As you can see, there is provision to access the additional UART port apart from Telem1, Telem2 and GPS1. However, pixracer pro does not provide these options. The following screenshot is the available option on a pixracer pro:

My question is: how do I enable the additional UART ports on the pixracer pro so that the options are available for selection on QGC. I am using PX4 firmware version 1.13.3 and QGC version 4.2.6.



This might be too late for you, but if you run
make px4_fmu-v4_default boardguiconfig
(or equivalent for your board)
You get a screen like the following one , and you can add the missing ports there.

Hope his helps

Hi there, I wonder how did you solve the problem. I am trying to connect serial 5/6, specified in their user manual, to my ADSB receiver.

mRo Pixracer Pro – mRobotics

Thanks to @ealdaz, I found the configuration tab he mentioned,

However, I am not sure which of them are ports for serial 5/6. I found this table and see that both default protocols for serial 5/6 are USER.

Could you provide some follow-up to this topic?