Trying to create a custom drone app on Mac OS

Hello all, I would like to create a custom drone app for MacOS. Essentially a custom ground control. My preferred choice was to write this app in Python but the only Python wrapper available is Dronekit’s and 3DR aren’t actively supporting it.

It’s essentially a simple app where the user will tell the drone to fly from two waypoints. The user will also need to see telemetry information like the location of the drone. This can either be shown in real time on a map or simply be a request. The battery charge on the drone and altitude are the only other bits of telemetry needed.

Can anyone recommend an SDK to use and an optimum programming language that one can use to go about doing this?

There are 2 next SDK, supported by PX4 team, which I would recommend for you. Dronecode and MAVROS. With Dronecode I have no experiences. But I think that Droncode is better for your usage.

MAVROS is node for ROS, which is a huge framework mainly for controlling robots. It has own messaging system and good infrastructure for multiprocess systems. MAVROS is better to use for complex controlling systems.

For standalone application is better Droncode.

With both SDK is possible to write an application in Python.

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I’m co-maintainer of the Dronecode SDK, so I’m going to recommend that you give the Python wrappers a try:
We’re currently actively working on it and hoping to make the installation/setup easier.

I’d say give this a try:

And let us know if you have any questions or issues.

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