Which drones can I control using MAVSDK

i’m searching for a complied drone that I can control using MAVSDK. I spend hours with google but the only thing I found is this and there is only one drone (Teal one) where I’m sure, its what I need.

What about yuneec ?? Yuneec writes on GitHub

"NOTE: This Yuneec SDK for iOS is deprecated.

We are moving to Dronecode SDK, for iOS please checkout Dronecode-SDK-Swift."

So all yuneec drones can be controlled by MAVSDK?!? But why can I nowhere read about someone how really do it ? The only posts I found are something link “connecting yuneec to QGC don’t work”…

The open source drone community seems to be not so small, so I’m doubt about me because I can’t find more… have you all build your own drone or connecting MAVSDK only to SITL ??

Thanks for help and best regards.


my suggestion is

Getting Started: Autonomous Flight Example 2 with MAVSDK and Python on ModalAI VOXL

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