Status/Usability of DroneCode SDK Python

Hi there, I have been studying the development of on-board vision assisted navigation systems using an embedded companion computer.

For this, I will be using neural networks that run mostly on python, and so it would be of my interest to use a python API to communicate with the vehicle.

On my current setup, I am using Dronekit-python. But due to market issues (3dr is not doing so great) it seems to me that Dronekit is getting forgotten (am I wrong?). So I have looked into the Dronecode SDK Python.

It just seems to me that the platform is not currently mature enough (not even a documentation) to really get invested. So I see myself on a catch 22 situation.

Is anyone actively working with DroneCode SDK python? If yes, is there anywhere I can find some basic information (besides reverse engineering the code to get started?) Is the platform as mature as dronekit-python?

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Hello, and welcome!

You’re right in that DroneKit is not really maintained anymore. Without going into details, I wouldn’t say that 3DR is not doing so great now, but they completely changed their business model (I think in 2016) and don’t produce drones anymore.

The Dronecode SDK is being actively developed, even though right now it is more of an “early-access” state. So for instance you would need to build some things manually (like the C++ backend).

I can help you doing that. On which platform are you developing? Linux? Windows?