Is it possible to execute python code from MavSDK on a drone?

Hi I’m a french student and I have to create a drone for my school project. So I would like to know if it’s possible to create missions that my drone will execute simply by using the MAVSDK and not something else like a Raspberry Pi ? And also can I use the MAVSDK Python API on MacOS?

Thanks for your answers


Just like you can plan missions from QGroundControl and directly send them to your autopilot (without the need for a companion computer, e.g. a Raspberry Pi), you can do that from MAVSDK :slight_smile:.

And yes, you can run MAVSDK-Python from macOS! You should be able to install it with:

pip install mavsdk

Note that mavsdk is currently outdated on PyPi for macOS, I’ll update that ASAP. You can track the issue here: In the meantime, of course you could use MAVSDK-Python from sources!