Trigger Camera doesn't work due to low signal output

I’m having trouble with the camera trigger function by pixhawk (PX4 and cube orange).

The parameters related to the trigger camera in the mission planner are set as follows.
SERVO14_FUNCTION 10: Camera trigger

And, the wiring situation is as shown in the picture. The power of servo rail is supplied from the FUTABA radio receiver (4.6V).

Nothing happens when I do a camera trigger on the mission planner screen.
When I checked the condition of the servo rail, the signal pin of servo 14 showed 0.17V in normal condition. If I press the camera trigger button on the mission planner screen, the signal pin responds, but the voltage only rises to 0.31V. I remember that the signal pin voltage rose to about 3.3V when the camera trigger was successful in the past. I don’t understand why the camera trigger is no longer working. Can anyone give me some advice where is the problem?

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This parameter doesn’t exist in PX4, as far as I can see. Could it be that you’re using ArduPilot and not PX4? If so, I would ask over in there forum:

I’m sorry.
I should have posted this question on the ArduPilot discussion. I will post this question myself on the ardupilot discussion.
Thank you!