How do i connect camera to pixhawk?

I have pixhawk controller and i want to buy camera to have ability to take a video when i fly my drone.

  1. witch camera i need to buy ?
  2. how do i connect the camera to my pixhawk ?
  3. how do i control the camera thru the pixhawk ?

Pixhawk does not connect a camera. The video steam does not go thru pixhawk.

Pixhawk is only a flight controller, not a camera controller.

You need a separate camera controller to do that.

can you please explain how does the camera connected to drone with pixhawk ?
I don’t understand how the video will forward to the ground station on real time if the video does not going thru the pixhawk.


Camera is mounted separately to Pixhawk. The video stream is transmitted through dedicated radio channel, to the ground station, other than the radio of your flight remote controller, which of course, would requires dedicated receiver for this purpose on the ground.

Camera controlling functions, such as gimbal controling, mostly are also need to be performed thru dedicated device on the ground.

However, Pixhawk does have some sort of simple signaling output that can be used to trigger some camera action, and still your camera needs to support this signaling. Other than that, you will need a dedicated camera controller.

To start, go for a GoPro or similar. Just leave it always on is the most common way. A set of video transmitter for GoPro is also market available for real time video streaming.

If you need advanced functions, then you can do more research on topic of ‘camera trigger’

Hey @rolandash, do you know a camera it can recieve info by MavLink, like the georefence data?