Tiltrotor motor speed jumps during transition from multicopter to forward flight mode

Hi all,

I am a complete PX4 and VTOL novice so I apologize if this is a dumb question. I have made a custom 8c tiltrotor closely based on the firefly6 config. I have the props off and am bench-testing it indoors, so I’ve disabled GPS and airspeed sensor and am using the ‘stabilize’ flight mode.

Everything works as hoped, EXCEPT this: when I transition from forward flight back to multicopter mode, the motor speed is very slow during the transition, then as soon as the transition is complete, it kicks back on to whatever the throttle position is (with an alarming bang if the transition and commanded speeds are very different)! Is there a parameter that adjusts the motor idle speed during transition? The speed that it is now does not seem like enough to keep the plane aloft–would they automatically spin faster in altitude mode, for example, if the plane was actually flying?


Edit - answered my own question to some extent in that commenting out one line in tiltrotor.cpp allows the motors to run at the commanded throttle during the transition rather than at idle. That’s how I’d want the transition to work in manual mode, but probably not in altitude or stabilize… is there a flight mode parameter I can access to set the behavior here?

Hi I am facing a similar issue, have you found the way to adjust the motor speed during transition.