No thrust increase during auto transition (VTOL) during mission

When doing an autonomous transition in a mission, the throttle does not increase to achieve the required forward flight speed. This means that either the aircraft doesn’t fully transition, or the final transition speed has to be so slow that the aircraft stalls when entering forward mode.
Does anyone know how to fix this? Or, does anyone know where this issue would be found in the source code?

This is what happens when the throttle doesn’t increase. See the graph with Actuator controls 0 and Actuator controls 1. Throttle in control group 0 stays at 50%, and throttle in group 1 stays at 0%, even though it should be trying to accelerate into FW mode.

May have found the problem. Inside tiltrotor.cpp there’s an IF statement that prevents FW throttle commands from being actuated unless the aircraft is in FW mode. As the final cruise speed is a FW throttle input, this would explain why it doesn’t accelerate until the transition is complete. Made a small change and will test it tomorrow.