Tilt servo Firefly6: configuration help


I am new to pixhawk and I am trying configure Firefly6. I followed the instructions in here which says I have flash the beta Firmware using QGroundControl. However, when switch to manual mode, I can not control the servos through the radio transmitter (DX7s). Additionally, it seems that there is no option in QGroundControl for multicopter- and fixed wing modes to switch between them manually.

Any help is appreciated


Look in the Default Group of parameters for RC_MAP_TRANS_SW, and set it to the correct channel for your TX.

I have the same problem but when i try to modify the RC paremeter i see that the software says that the channel is not configurate. I was using the stable firmware until i realise that i have to use the beta version. I reinstalled the firmware but i didn t recalibrate px4 sensors. I want to know what i have to do to get the VTOL swich between copter and fixed wing aircraft.