Detected 0 Channels Radio Calibration Problem


I am trying to calibrate my radio with QGC.

I am using Pixhwak 6C, TX16S remote and RX-9 DR SRXL16 M-link receiver and PX4 pro firmware (latest).

I have connected the receiver to the PPM/SBUS RC port on the pixhawk 6C.

The receiver and radio are bound properly.

My airframe is generic quadplane VTOL tiltrotor,

I was using same configuration with arduplane software and mission planner and i was able to calibrate RC in MP.

Any idea how to calibrate RC with QGC and PX4 pro firmware?

What PX4 version are you using?

What’s your param SYS_USE_IO?

SYS_USE_IO is IO enable (RC and PWM)

QGC: 4.2.6

PX4: stable 1.13.3

@JulianOes I tried with Frsky protocol with different receiver and it worked, but for my flight testing purpose, i must use the RX9 DR receiver.

Why I am not able to see the interface with my QGC like, tilt servo mapping
Actuator Configuration and Testing | PX4 User Guide (main)

You need to use v1.14 for that.


I have one more question about parameters. I am using Quad VTOL tilt rotor (13030).

I have V tail instead of rudder and elevator.

These are the default parameters on github.

param set-default CA_SV_CS2_TRQ_P 1.0
param set-default CA_SV_CS2_TYPE 3
param set-default CA_SV_CS3_TRQ_Y 1.0
param set-default CA_SV_CS3_TYPE 4

On QGC → parameters, I changed CS2 and CS3 to V tail left and V tail right respectively. And automatically, corrosponding values for CA_SV_CS2_TRQ_P and CA_SV_CS3_TRQ_Y changed to 0.5.

But I still need two parameters, CA_SV_CS2_TRQ_Y and CA_SV_CS3_TRQ_P. But they are not available in paramters.

I am not sure how to add these two parameters specifically. Could you guide me with this?

Please post a new thread with new questions.

Already did 4 day ago

Missing Parameters while changing Servo configuration

And asked in github (#22224) to add mentioned two parameters directly in the airframe.