Tfmini not talking with pixhawk 2.1

Hi, I am trying to interface tfmini plus (uart version) to pixhawk 2.1 i did the wiring as instructed in the product manual of both the modules and connected it to telem2 port.
I changed the parameter SENS_TFMINI to telem2. Still when i try to read the output through shell using ‘tfmini test’, it is throwing error ‘immediate read failed’. Is there any step I am missing here?

Hi did you solve ur problem. I dont see any distances values on analyze section.
Tfmini PX4 firmware

Anybody can help ?

Hi,yes i solved my problem, I did the mistake of changing the output data format to pixhawk. I changed it back to the default and pixhawk started reading the distance data.
Have you tried starting Tfmini using nuttx shell?