Benewake TFmini LiDAR not Working on GPS2 Port

Hi all,
I am trying to run the Benewake TFmini LiDAR from the GPS2 port (all the other ports with UART capbilities are currently occupied). I have enabled the ‘’ SENS_TFMINI_CONFIG" and set it to GPS2 port, this doesn’t do anything as the distance parameter does not appear on MAVLink Inspector. However,it works perfectly if I change the “SENS_TFMINI_CONFIG” to “TELEM2” and move the connections accordingly. I do not have any idea why this is happening hence this discussion is uncategorised.
Im using a Pixhawk2.1 Cube, this is my setup:
Any help will be awesome!

By the way, I am using PX4 firmware on Qgroundcontrol.