Telemtry only works with USB power

Hi all,

I’m having some problems to setup my system. I’m using PixHawk3 + HM-TRP telemetry modules (Drotek Sik radios).

Whenever I power the PixHawk 3 through the Tiny Module (Drotek power module on Power Port 1-2), telemetry on Telem1 doesn’t work (both radios are linked with solid green light, but red light ins not blinking), and QGroundControl does not connect to Px4.

However, this doesn’t happened if I ONLY power the Pixhawk through USB port (for example using a USB power bank). Then both radios are linked (solid green), sending data (blinking red) and QGroundControl connects to Px4.

If I power the system by USB and Telemetry is working (solid green, blinking red, connected QGroundControl), as soon as I connect an external battery to the power module, Telemetry stops (solid green, no blinking red). As soon as I disconnect again the external battery (no system reboot, just hot plug/unplug) the Telemetry comes back.

This behaviour is observed both using QGroundControl or screening on PC_Serial port.

Px4 latest stable firmware is flashed through latest stable Ground Control, and other wise, everything seems to be working when connecting to QGroundControl on USB.

Thanks very much for your attention. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I haven’t been able to reproduce this with a Drotek Pixhawk 3 and Sik radio.

Do you know if the Pixhawk 3 is actually alive and running when battery powered? The system console can be useful.

i have the same problem, any suggestion?