Qgroundcontrol-pixhawk running both telemetry modules and wifi

Hi every one
I have the following set up

Pixhawk 4 mini.

A laptop running Qgroundcontrol station V1.9

1- I have set up in the qgroundcontrol side the following:

MAV_0_MODE Onboard
MAV_0_RATE 921600
SER_TEL4_BAUD 9216008N1

And, in the sdcard of the PixHawk, under the file sdcard/etc/extras.txt

mavlink stop-all
mavlink start -d /dev/ttyS3 -b 921600 -r 400 -m onboard
mavlink stream -d /dev/ttyS3 -s HIGHRES_IMU -r 300
mavlink stream -d /dev/ttyS3 -s ATTITUDE_QUATERNION -r 200
mavlink stream -d /dev/ttyS3 -s GLOBAL_POSITION_INT -r 200

Then I am running successfully UART&I2C B to a telemetry4 for a companion computer as JetsonTX2 and I can sen data over wifi to a qgroundcontrol station

2.- I have also configured the following:

TELEM1 for Pixhawk on telemetry1

MAV_1_MODE Normal
MAV_1_RATE 57600

In the sdcard/etc/extras.txt I have comment out everything so there is no communication between Telem4 and the Jetson . Then I power the pixhawk with one module connected and also the other module connected to the laptop where Qgroundcontrol station is running. Then the two modules are working and communication is established, as it can be in the following picture.

Also the green led is solid and the red led is blinking in both modules.

The only problem I have faced is that when I enable all the commands in the sdcard/etc/extras.txt the modules do not work just the communication between Telem4 and the Jetson .

I also have tried with the drone, I mean, when the drone gets far away from the qgcs the wifi gets disconnected but the modules did not took over. Or, in other words, qgcs did switch to the telemetry modules.

Well, I do not know if this shall be like this, or I am missing some setup.

I do really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Thank you