Telemetry radio power adjustment? ...jittering servos

servos are jittering badly with telemetry radio in operation (SIK 915Mhz). Noticed some ppl saying they turned down the remote (in plane) module power to solve the issue - not px4.
i noticed that “comms” tab has a “add” feature for a radio setup, but i dont know if that will give me what i need, and i dont know if i should try it.
any advice?
px4 1.8.2
qgroundcontrol 3.5.0
pixhack v5

Does the jittering stop when you try to separate the cabling of the radios and servos?

ive done more internet reading than testing, but i’ve tested 2 locations for the radio and 2 different radios. the cables are the standard length (came with radios) about 6"?
i would consider the cables electrically sufficiently distant from servo wires for radiated noise (radio wires are tiny). at any rate, ive moved the radio wires as far as i could from any servo wires (say, approx 4-6") with the same results. all servos, regardless of wire routing (ie: aileron wires go ‘up’, elev/rudd go ‘down’ in fuselage compartment). same results. all servos jitter.
some ppl say its the antenna/xmitter and the best way to affect it is turn the radio(on FC) power down. ive seen internet examples of shielding the radio, but that seems setup-specific-configuration.
this has me scratching my head, since these radios, i thought, were so common for telemetry? surely this shouldnt be a problem?

I’m no expert but am just curious since “jittering” can be subjective…

  • What type of servos do you have, analog or digital?
  • If you unplug the telem radio, does the jittering stop or at least is reduced?

Good luck.

@rollys …analog servos. but some internet examples were digitals, so i didn’t pursue that any further.
yes, the jittering stops when unplugging the sik 915mhz radio. lucky for me, cuav sent a wifi module with the v5, so im using that. not needed any range yet since im just trying to set up.