How to setup 3DR Single TTL MINI Radio Telemetry

Hello all,

This is my first drone build, and I purchased the following as my telemetry radio,3DR Single TTL MINI Radio Telemetry 433MHz 500mW for PIXHAWK and APM FC. But I wasn’t exactly able to find some resources to setup this. Can someone point me in the right direction.

As far as I know some telemetry modules which require high power have to be given separate power instead of connecting them directly to FC(Pixhawk in my case) , Does my telemetry fall into that category? If yes, what has to be done?

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Which Pixhawk are you using? The official ones I have used (and not the clones) have specifically enough power on Telem1 to support a SiK radio like the one you mention. Also, the power module needs to be able to supply enough.

If you’re unsure, just power the radio of a separate 5v BEC. That way, if it uses too much, it won’t affect the Pixhawk and bring the drone down.