Telem2 with Pixhawk 2.1 issue

Hi There,

In order for an external computer to talk with the PixHawk 2.1, I setup a connection on Telem2 as it is shown below:

I am using a standard USB2Serial converter and the dongle has been set for 3.3V. when I connect the USB2Serial on the computer, /dev/ttyUSB0 appears, no problem.

on PX4 side, SYS_COMPANION has been set to 921600 bauds

This set up works perfectly well on the Pixracer but with the PixHawk 2.1, I get no transmission from the Pixhawk, i.e. when I launch MAVROS, it is starting and then wait for px4 but there is no response.

Can you tell me what is missing here? Thank you very much for your help

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What firmware version are you using? Can you please show the output of the following command?
mavlink status

Your wiring looks right

@DanielePettenuzzo I am using the lastest version 1.8.2 I think - same version is used on the PixRacer
I will provide the mavlink status on Monday
Is there any parameter in px4 I need to set besides sys_companion?
Thank you for your support

Not really but when we can see your mavlink status we can at least understand if mavlink is active on that port.

Sorry for my late reply, but actually i found why it was not working. I was using a pin out provided by a documentation but looks like, the pin out was not correct (see pic below). If I follow the pin-out of the pixracer for Telem2, I am able to run Mavros successfully

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Cool. Glad to here you fixed it.