MavSDK Command_Denided:

hi, @Jaeyoung-Lim
Anyone know how to solve this?
And i am so confused why my TELEM2 is not working at all!

And my wiring, I use micro usb port instead of TELEM 2 because of some unknown problems:

@Guohao91 Seems like you are running Ardupilot, not PX4. Is this intentional?

You need to recalibrate your compass (if on a 4.0 release - otherwise fix the orientation, which is 90deg off on one of them).
MavSDK is hardcoded to PX4, so won’t work with ArduPilot properly (if at all). Better to use DroneKit or pymavlink directly.

it is PX4 firmware for sure.

I know Dronekit properly works with Ardupilot. And I don’t understand why my TELEM2 is not working at all. I did try with Ardupilot and dronekit API, but always comes up with some little issues, like:“waiting for to initialise…”. So helpless!

But on your screen you shared the first time I see this message:

APM: preflight check fail

idk why… I do install PX4 as shown in the 3rd pic, right?

@auturgy @Jaeyoung-Lim
gentlemen, is that ok if i connect companion computer via micro usb instead of TELEM2?

MAVLink instances (e.g. MAV_X_CONFIG) are assigned/mapped to serial ports. So if you are offered the micro USB port as an option for assignment and it isn’t used for anything else then yes, and if not then no.

Info on how it works here:

@bkueng Do you happen to know if you can assign the Pixhawk 4 micro USB port to MAVLink?

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So excited to see your reply on this posted problem. Thanks @hamishwillee!
the most annoying thing is I tried for hunderds of times on TELEM2, it just doesn’t work.