Pixhawk-Pi3 connection

I connected pixhawk and pi following the tutorial. I don’t find /dev/serial0 . there is no change in /dev directory when I remove or connect.

the serial port on rpi3 is ttyAMA0, you can use minicom to check if rpi received data from pixhawk or you can launch mavros

I tried screen, minicom on ttyAMA0, there is no data coming in. Here it is recommended to use ftdi usb cable. I checked on amazon, will cp2102 do the job ?

I cannot get your question.
If you are connecting telem2 to the serial port on rpi-gpio, then you shuold check ttyAMA0, and there is no need to use a usb2serial converter.
And if you are connecting telem2 to usb port of rpi, then you need usb2serial converters such as ftdi, cp2102. they are mounted as ttyUSB*.
I am using pl2303hx to connect pixhawk to rpi, and it works fine in baudrate 921600.

I connected telem2 to rpi-gpio, but Rpi doesn’t show anything on ttyAMA0. So I was thinking I should try with usb2serial converter. could you please share a picture of wiring between rpi and pixhawk.

maybe you could check if tx,rx connected right, and try baudrate 57600.

I used cp2102 usb to serial converter and it works with 921600 baud rate. connection is following.

When I directly connect 5v and Gnd to usb serial adapter then Rpi doesn’t boot up. so I had to connect to gpio. could you tell me why is it such.

swap ports https://spellfoundry.com/2016/05/29/configuring-gpio-serial-port-raspbian-jessie-including-pi-3/ first then connect thru http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/raspberry-pi-via-mavlink.html cable (telemetry2).I`m not using red wire also

you can connect rasp pi 3 with pixhawk very easy! ttyS0